Unemployment in Dang is high and many families live by subsistence farming alone.  Many families are unable or unwilling to send their children to school, either because they need them to work on the family land, or because the books and uniform necessary for children to attend a government school are out of reach of the family’s income.

The recent conflict between the government and Maoist caused casualties on both sides, resulting in a large number of orphans in the villages of Nepal.  These children are often overlooked by the government schooling system and receive an extremely low-level of support from their guardians or the government support program.  The end result is that opportunities for the future are severely limited, and these children run the risk of growing up to become disenfranchised and resentful towards society.

Children’s Peace Home aims to address every level of this problem by providing such children with a supportive home, a full private school education, and additional vocational training and support to help them discover their potential and the way it can be sued to better themselves and society.